The Peace Price Initiative 2012

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The Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 is awarded to the European Union. In recent years, an important aspect of the EU concerns militarization and rearmament. EU member states accounts for a third of the world’s total arms exports, is the second largest military spender globally and the miltiary expenditure of certain arms manufacturers in EU member states exceed developing countries’ national budgets. 

The Peace Prize Initiative 2012 is a coalition of civil society organizations that take a critical stance to EU being this year’s peace prize recipient. The Nobel Peace prize is to be awarded to persons or organizations that during the preceding year have contributed the most to disarmament and fraternity. We argue that the EU is a political project that does not meet these requirements. On the basis of the numerous military aspects of the EU, we regard the bestowment as unworthy and not a peace prize for our time. 

Against this background, the Peace Prize Initiative 2012 invites all interested parties to join us Sunday December 9th, 2012 at Youngstorget in Oslo at 16:00 pm. There will be speeches, a torchlight procession, followed by a cultural event. 

Twitter hashtag the Peace Prize Initiative 2012: #PPI2012

Affiliated parties: Former Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mairead Maguire (1976) and the International Peace Bureau (1910), ATTAC Norway, ATTAC Iceland, Grandmothers for peace, Red Youth, Red Party, The Centre Youth, the Centre Party, One People, Youth Against the EU, No to the EU, Socialist Youth League, Socialist Left Party, Serve the People, Communist Association and Revolutionary Communist Youth, the People’s Movement Denmark, the LO Oslo, Motmakt, International Women’s League for Peace, Democratic Europe, Oslo Graphical Union, Latin America Group Norway, Party of Independence Finland, Women for Peace Sweden, KPml, No to the New NATO, PRESS – Save the Children Youth, the Norwegian Peace Association, the Norwegian Peace Council.

If you or your organization inquires more information, please contact the Norwegian Peace Council: