The Nor­we­gian Peace Coun­cil

The Nor­we­gian Peace Coun­cil (NPC) was foun­ded on the 25th of Octo­ber 1945 as a poli­ti­cal umbrella by seven Nor­we­gian peace orga­niza­tions. The NPC was an impor­tant arena for peacework in Nor­way in the postwar period and during the Cold War. As of 2016, the organization consist of 19 member organizations.

Today the NPC is a meeting ground for peace. A meeting ground where federa­tes and anta­go­nists can meet to discuss view­points and exchange expe­ri­en­ces. A meeting ground where people can meet and lis­ten to each other. A space to follow and develop new approa­ches in peacework and scien­ti­fic debate.
As an umbrella orga­niza­tion the NPC is wor­king to create syner­gies and to improve the pro­fi­ci­ency and use of com­pet­en­cies wit­hin the Nor­we­gian peace move­ment. It is focu­sed on strengt­he­ning coope­ra­tion between mem­ber– and part­ner orga­niza­tions and to advo­cate for peace­po­li­cies in the pub­lic debate.
Gene­rally the NPC works to improve the over­all con­ditions for peacework in Norway.

The NPC is also behind the Oslo Peace House in Møllergata 12. Since the doors opened in 2011, the Peace House has become one of Norway’s most cen­tral meeting and work­places for all those involved for peace. The arena contributes in giving the peace move­ment a stron­ger voice and grea­ter visi­bi­lity through a natu­ral meeting place for, among other things, infor­ma­tion exchange, capacity buil­ding, coope­ra­tion, and various events. Currently, eight organizations have office space in the Peace House: The Norwegian Peace Council, The Nor­we­gian Peace Associa­tion, CISV, Peace Bri­ga­des Inter­na­tio­nal, ICAN – Inter­na­tio­nal Cam­paign to Abo­lish Nuclear Weapons, LIM and  No to Nuclear Weapons. We hope that the col­lection of various peace orga­niza­tions will con­tri­bute to the effi­ci­ency of the impor­tant peace work, which is being done in Nor­way.

Our two seminar rooms can be rented for various occations. If you are interested in renting our premises for an event, please visit the Oslo Peace House or contact us for an offer!


Peace Council Member Organizations

Questions surrounding the complexities of peace and conflict rarely have a simple answer. Here at the Norwegian Peace Council we understand there are multiple paths towards peace. It is at the intersection of these paths where we find the lively and diverse group that makes up the peace movement. With this understanding, we aim to be a space where all walks of peace work can meet and grow together for a common goal.

As an active voice in the peace movement, our objective remains to strengthen the cooperation between the peace organizations and to maintain the positive impact we strive to have on peace processes. The Peace Council is a driving force in the global work for disarmament, conflict-resolution and peace- building. We aim to promote innovative grass-root approaches and nonviolent alternatives rather than military interventions. With over 70 years of experience, our work continues to promote the Norwegian peace movement as it continues to evolve.

Today we have 18 member organizations that create the pillar of the Norwegian peace movement. With a membership to the Peace Council, our member organizations are offered new perspectives and a strong platform for their causes. Your organization could also be a part of the Norwegian Peace Council today!

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