Sweden Investigates Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Länsstyrelsen in Stockholm, which supervises the Nobel Prize, are investigating the Nobel Committee in Norway, led by former prime minister and Parliament President Thorbjørn Jagland. The accusations claim that the Nobel Committee has been to NATO-friendly in their choice of laureates.

The Honorary President of the Norwegian Peace Council and lawyer, Frederick S. Heffermehl gives criticism to the länsstyrelsen in Stockholm who has pressed the Swedish Nobel Foundation to make a statement on the matter. Heffemehl points out that the award to former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1973 and Barack Obama in 2009,  who had  recently been install as U.S. president. Heffermehl, who has led the criticism and written a book on the subject, believes that there is no doubt that the committee has gone far beyond what was Alfred Nobel’s intention with the price.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute and the Norwegian Nobel Committee secretary said that they are getting access to the needed documents in order for them to comment on the allegations, but they said that they have not violated Alfred Nobel’s will.