Professional oppurtunities in peacebuilding

PATRIR is now recruiting for 1 – 3 interns from the European Union or neighbouring countries to spend 12 months at PATRIR working with the Department of Peace Operations (DPO).

All interns will also be able to take part in IPDTC advanced trainings for free, together with practitioners and policy makers from around the world.

Call for Interns in Peacebuilding & Peace Operations
Department of Peace Operations (DPO)
PATRIR (Romania)

Call for Applications for the Position of Intern with the Department of Peace Operations
The Department of Peace Operations (DPO) of PATRIR based in Cluj-Napoca Romania is carrying out an EU-wide search for 2 – 3 excellent candidates for the position of intern with the Department. If you are from an EU country or neighbouring country, are highly committed, motivated and working or wanting to work in the field of peacebuilding (operations and policy) and would like to begin a 12-month internship in early 2012, please apply.

What we’re looking for
DPO is searching for people who can show a level of excellence in dedication, commitment and ability. Fluency in English is a requirement. Fluency in other European / international languages will be highly beneficial. Good organisational and team work skills are also very important. Applicants should have an academic or professional background in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, or related fields (politics, social studies, international development studies, etc). The ideal applicant should be highly motivated and want to work in a dynamic international team and have a personal and professional commitment to peacebuilding and constructive engagement with conflicts.

What will the internships involve?
DPO is looking for interns who may work in one or more of four areas:

1. Support for Peace Operations: This will include organisational, research and logistical support and may also include participation in peace support operations. DPO Peace Support Operations are carried out only upon request and include work in conflict areas in support of peacebuilding and peace processes, as well as targeted assistance to national and international organisations and governments to improve their peacebuilding effectiveness.

2. EU and Global Policy Engagement: DPO is active in development of policies for peacebuilding at the EU and international levels. This includes the promotion of issues such as prevention of electoral and political violence, violence prevention more broadly, developing and strengthening infrastructure for peace (I4P), and much more. This will involve research on key developments in the field and preparation of policy and advocacy materials targeting national governments, EU, UN and other international organisations.

3. Networking and Collaboration: DPO is part of several key networks linking organisations and individuals working in peacebuilding. This requires close cooperation with organisations working to promote peacebuilding in their countries as well as networks which work at the regional or global levels. The Department also works closely with a number of UN Country Missions and long-term partners in peace support operations. More broadly, PATRIR is part of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, the European Network of Civil Peace Services, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict and Nonviolent Peaceforce, and is looking for an intern to improve the Department’s ability to support these networks / organisations and their contributions to peacebuilding.

4. Advocacy and Peace Media & Communications: In 2011 PATRIR has launched a new newsletter on peacebuilding to support the field. We are also working on a range of new platforms for public communications, advocacy and outreach. We are looking for an intern to being as an Advocacy and Public Communications Officer with the Department.

Duration of Internship
The duration of the internship is to last 12 months

What does it mean to intern at DPO?
Interning at DPO will allow you the opportunity to work with a dynamic and capable team which is closely connected with many of the best organisations and individuals working in the field world-wide. The Department is involved in active peace operations as well as support to major national and global organisations and agencies to assist them in improving their peacebuilding capabilities and effectiveness. We are also looking for someone interested in helping the Department develop to its next level. You will be treated and work as a full member of the team and be able to contribute your creative ideas and capabilities. You will also benefit from a wide-range of training opportunities provided by the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC) of PATRIR. Interns are able to take part in such programmes for free. At the completion of your internship you will also have the opportunity, if agreed upon both by yourself and the Department, to continue as a full employee of the Department.

Conditions and How to Apply
The internship is open only to citizens of the European Union and neighbouring countries due to the conditions of the funding mechanism. Financial support provides a small living allowance and funds for accommodation. An application for the internship must be sent to the funding agency by September 1st. This means that the internship must be arranged and agreed with the Department by August 29. Applications should therefore be received no later than August 26.

To apply: please send a 1-page motivation letter together with a copy of your cv to Christine Josse of the Department of Peace Operations at Letters of Recommendation are also appreciated.