Non-violence versus US Imperialism

Challenges to US imperialism based on armed struggle have been largely unsuccessful. A much more promising strategy is non-violent popular action, which has only begun to be taken seriously for its potential long-term effectiveness. Six case studies – the Vietnam war, nuclear weapons, East Timor, Iraq, Puerto Rico and the so-called Arab Spring – illustrate the potential of popular unarmed resistance to facets of the US imperial system. This approach warrants further development.

Non-violence versus US Imperialism by Jørgen Johansen, Brian Martin and Matt Meyer

Jørgen Johansen ( is a freelance academic and activist and editor of Resistance Studies Magazine; Brian Martin ( is professor of social sciences at the University of Wollongong, Australia; Matt Meyer ( is an activist, author, and editor, working with Africa World Press and PM Press, and a frequent contributor to and