Gene Sharp coming to film festival in Oslo.


The organization «Human Rights Human Wrongs» is organizing a documentary film festival in Oslo, with screenings at Vika Kino, Parkteateret and Litteraturhuset. The  film festival is looking to use the documentaries as an information source, where human rights and non-violent intervention will be in focus. This year’s guest of honor is the notable Gene Sharp, he is the world’s premier non violence thinker and activist. He will be presenting the opening event on the 7th of February where the screening of «How to Start a Revolution» will take place at Vika Kino. Gene Sharp’s theory on non violent solutions in conflict has become a creative response to the destructive arms trade agenda. This is the main intention for many of the13 documentaries that will be screened during the week. 40 notable speakers will also be participating to open up for interesting debates and Q&A sessions after the documentaries has been shown.