Conference on the Middle East and the Kurdish question

On May the 2nd The Norwegian Peace Association, The Nansen Peace Centre, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) and the Norwegian Peace Council succesfully organized an international conference: Democratization of the Middle East and the Kurdish question. The conference aimed to promote human rights for all citizens in the Middle East, respect and protection of minorities and a peaceful, democratic and durable solution to the Kurdish question.

The program for the day was separated into four parts: 1) Aims and outcomes, 2) Challenges of the current situation in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. 3) Perspectives and solutions and 4) Solutions in each country. After various speeches and panel discussions, politicians, writers, academics, NGO’s, legal experts and other interested in the subjects gathered to discuss and find solutions through workshops. Some of the ideas that were raised during these workshops were the role of the diaspora and how they can strengthen their work towards their country of origin, the importance of working from the grass root and not only the political elite, but also that the International community should stress the importance of human rights for all ethnic groups.

Pictures from the conference: