Arne in 100

Philosopher Arne Næss (1912-2009) was born January 27th 1912, so January 27th 2012 marks the 100 year anniversary of his birth. On this day the event «Arne i 100» («i 100» being a Norwegian phrase alluding to both age and speed/activity level) will take place in the university aula in Oslo, Norway. We the organizers, who have established the foundation «Arne i 100» led by Arne’s widow Kit-Fai Næss, further aims at organizing a «Arne Næss year» immediately following the anniversary day, to promote and disperse the philosophical ideas of Arne Næss, particularly those addressing the ecological crisis, conflict resolution and philosophy of life.

Do you want to join us? Here are some of your options:

* Buy a ticket for the anniversary event [in Norwegian] Friday January 27th 2012. The program includes musical performances by Arve Tellefsen, David Rothenberg, Leona Næss and the chamber choir Vox Humana, and four talk show-style «couch sessions» involving a number of interesting people linked in one way or another with the issues that were dear to Arne Næss.


* Sign our Greeting protocol [in Norwegian]. By doing this you simultaneously commit to carry out a self-chosen deed or activity in the spirit of Arne Næss at some point in (or throughout) the Arne Næss year. NB: Individuals are not the only bodies that can sign the protocol, so can NGOs, networks, public offices, private companies etc.!

* Submit a contribution to «The readers’ anecdotes on Arne» (in Norwegian – English language version coming soon)

* If you are involved in an NGO, consider linking one of your events to the Arne Næss year (contact

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